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Problems You Might Be Experiencing:

You don't have enough customers - Profits are not what you imagine they could be, or should be. Getting more customers should improve revenues. You can achieve that without adding significantly to your costs.

Your conversion rates are too low - You have marketing methods established, but they are not as effective as you would like. You finally got your prospect's attention - you can't afford to let them slip away. You may not get a second chance.

You Have Strong Competitors - You have a good product or service and you have good people. Will that be enough if your competitors have good people and products, and also have stronger marketing messages? 

You Don't Have Enough Time - You are working really hard. You have customers to satisfy, employees to manage, and bills to pay. Oh, and you probably have a family that you would like to spend more time with. You would like to do more with your marketing, but you have so many other things to do.


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Watch this video to make sure you understand why you need an effective marketing strategy that uses effective messaging.

"Content IS KING!"

I heard that a lot. But what does that mean?

It comes down to what value you provide. You can reach everyone in the world, but when you do, it means nothing without being able to communicate why they must buy your product.

Content is about “WHY”! 

It took me years to figure out the value of creating the “why”. In my past I learned to:

     program computers – that is “how” to process information. 

     accounting - the early part of my career was learning “how” to process the financial information.

The point in my former career where I became a valuable accountant, is when I could interpret the numbers and communicate what they meant and "why" they were important.

This new challenge that I set myself was to learn the world of online marketing and determine where I best fit into that environment. I spent three years researching and studying before launching my freelance copywriting business late last year. Some of what I learned is that SEO is about “how” to get viewed, and Social media marketing is about “how” to reach your market.

Content writing is where my focus has settled. Why? I believe where I can deliver the most significant value for you and apply the optimal mix of my talents and experiences.

The reason I believe I am best suited to create moving content is that I have always loved storytelling. Human history is delivered through storytelling. I have studied it. I have studied the craft of novel writing and plot development. The best marketing and advertising is communicated via stories.

Content is telling stories that move customers to take action.

Let me help you craft a story for your prospects that will urge them to buy from you.

Mapping out the structure of the story message.

Mapping out the structure of the story message.

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