Individual Copy Services



 Article writing, advertorials, press releases, and print advertising. These are great tools for reaching people who have never heard of you. Because these formats offer more information, these prospects are nearly pre-sold before contacting you.

Case Studies


People crave good stories. Give them one with your company as the hero. Potential customers learn what benefits you offer and the character of your company.



Newsletters and White Papers let you communicate "why to" and "how to" in an informal tone. This value given freely builds trust and breaks down barriers.



PowerPoint presentation development and speech writing. No marketing produces a sense of trust with your prospects than live personal appearances. Let me help you prepare for these events, because it's important to leave a powerful and lasting impression.

Social Media


Single posts, regular contributions, or community engagement and management. Let's find a project level that you feel comfortable with that still produces professional messages for your company.  

Web Writing


 Website copy, landing pages, banner ads, and email marketing. Outside of personal, face-to-face sales, your website presence is the key to converting prospects into paying customers. 

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